From Waste To Stoke

Indonesian Ocean Waste turned into high performance Surf Fins

The ecoFin

like the surf fins you trust, but made from recycled ocean plastic to make your surf lifestyle more sustainable.

Key Facts & Features

The ecoFin – a super light all-rounder with absolute strengths and great flex for surfers of all levels!

  • made with post-consumer waste originating from Indonesia e.g Bali.
  • reinforced with performance glass fibre
  • transparent and sustainable supply chain
  • significantly lighter than comparable models
  • well-balanced template for quick response
  • Solid base for controlled drive
  • flat inside foils for stable maneuvers
  • responsive tip flex to accelerate your turns
  • unique aesthetics
ecofin technical stats recycled ocean waste surf fin

The Challenge

8 million metric tons of plastic are dumped into the oceans every year. It’s about time we tackle this problem together. It starts by raising awareness but ultimately ends with your decisions.

Like sweeping it under a gigantic carpet mankind thought long enough: out of sight, out of mind. Well that didn’t work. Marine debris kills animals; plastics degrade and release toxic substances. And even if one wouldn’t mind the impact for the wild life – it all comes back to us.

Say NO to plastic bags. Don’t use straws. Use recycled plastic whenever you can. No single use plastic bottles. Recycle all your plastic waste wherever you can. We made it easy for you to keep going with your passion – surfing.

Our Story And What It Takes To Make The ecoFin

Follow our journey, see how everything comes together. From the idea, making plans, finding partners to delivering a finished product.

Happy surfers are the key to our ecoFins.

Tried and tested by Indonesian and Australian locals, we made sure that these fins not only work on paper but where it counts – in the water.

five oceans ecoFins short plug long plug recycled surf fins

Available for your favorite fin system.

green surf recycled ocean waste

The better option

Want to make your surf more ocean friendly? With our ecoFins you take approximately 100 bottle caps out of the ocean.

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Proving the impossible, possible

Through extensive research, testing and with the help of our amazing partners we have proven that it is possible to turn waste into high-performance surf equipment.