We’re two surfers that decided we could no longer ignore plastic pollution in our oceans.


In 2015 on a surf trip to Bali, we were shocked by the pollution on the beaches and floating out in the surf breaks – we paddled out through plastic bags and packaging, and watched the tides bring more waste ashore. It broke our hearts.


5.25 trillion pieces of plastic are floating across the world’s five oceans – this isn’t a problem just for Bali, or for any other single nation, this is a problem for all of us.


With backgrounds in engineering and business, we decided to use what we knew best to find a solution to plastic waste. We’ve dedicated our expertise to creating a better world and cleaner oceans. Our ecoFin is the world’s first surfboard fin made with recycled post-consumer waste from Indonesia. No longer do we need to choose between performance and environmental impact.


We want future generations to surf and enjoy the oceans like we do and we’ll keep innovating to make sure this happens. This is just the beginning for Five Oceans.


Luise and Felix,

Five Oceans Founders





The family grows

We are so proud of our incredible team, especially Rusty, Tricia, Katharina, Chris, Meghan, Marcus, Ian, Franziska, Janine, Jane, Nat, Matt, Rob and Neil! And, we got it all, from hydrodynamic abracadabra for the right template, champions in manufacturing, marketing and distribution to writing, sound design and shooting for our documentary! Five Oceans is a boat full of creative and productive aficionados. Feel free to get in touch with us anytime!



Our motivation

5.25 trillion plastic pieces and a deep passion for surfing brought us from Germany to the surfing coastlines of Australia and Bali. With a constant urge to develop a green and blue approach to product innovations, we are on the mission of our lives.

We want to make this happen and build up a greenhouse of innovation, inspiration and information which unites creative thinkers, problem solvers, and designers from all over the world.

We want to dedicate our expertise to a better world and cleaner oceans. Let’s ride together. We are no hustlers, no hackers, and no hipsters. We have university degrees and a proven track record in engineering and business. Surfing is the love of our lives, and travelling the world is part of it.

We want that our children and their children have the same chance to explore a beautiful and healthy planet, with no toxic waters and no dying forests. If we don’t start know we may not be able to keep that promise.

Let’s be heroes.



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