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When we first started talking to Graham, we had no idea where Ballandean* was. Casually, he explained what Google maps couldn’t have done any better. “When you pass the dinosaur, it’s another 4 K’s to the turn-off. You can’t miss it.”

This was the start of a very trustful and fruitful friendship. In the very beginning, we approached him as one of our last options to get the pad printing done for the ecoFin. Everyone else would just tell us how complicated and how expensive this would be. Graham came back to us with passion and solutions.

Made in Australia is not dead

The more we talk about manufacturing in Australia the more often we hear people saying “it’s not dead”. Of course, it might be more expensive by the hour, but who can see hours in your product? – We need results. Quality, reliability, and proximity have been the striking arguments for us as Five Oceans, a small privately funded under-staffed and over-passionate company.


Our take on trash

The ecoFin is made from post-consumer waste from Indonesia, where the beaches are full of rubbish and the rivers are choking in trash. We wanted to show the world, that there is a value in rubbish and made the first surfboard fin from recycled waste. The upcycled material is shipped from Indonesia to Australia, where the material refinement, production, printing and packaging is done. We are constantly trying to reduce our carbon footprint, avoid plastic in everything we use for our daily life, and if plastic is the only option, we go recycled or recyclable. The biggest part of this project is raising awareness. Being an example for making a change makes us proud every day.

Free shipping with MADEINOZ

With the code MADEINOZ you get free shipping all over Australia when you order the ecoFin. (PSSSTTTT… it’s not only to Australia but to the whole wide world!!!)

For limited time only.

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*Who would have thought this is a visit-worthy region with plenty of beautiful wineries, breath-taking landscape and the freshest air you could think of.


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