ecoFin – Made In Australia

Five Oceans is proud to launch a personal and genuine series about the exceptional local partners who are part of the process behind the ecoFin. #MadeInAustralia

Meet our partners, learn about the many steps that have been completed to make the ecoFin become reality.

The ecoFin uses 100% Indonesian post-consumer waste to be transformed into a performance composite material, that provides the right stiffness und flex for the best surf experience, all done in Australia (it surfs globally though). Injection moulding, pad printing, and packaging are accomplished in Australia and we would like you to meet our local suppliers while they explain their involvement and motivation to help to bring the ecoFin to life.

You can order the ecoFin online or visit one of our brick and mortar sellers.

We are also a 1% for the Planet Member, which means 1% of our revenue goes to environmental organisations, especially caring about our oceans.

What our clients say

Popped a set of fcs fins in my shuttle a smaller wider board than a standard short board and had an amazing surf. Nice bit of whip from the tips of the fins and a good foil on the inside. Love the ethos behind this product. Now have two sets permanently fixed into shuttle and every day board. Dustin Hollick, The Laps TV



The Laps TV

I supported FIVE OCEANS though their crowd funding campaign and was so STOKED to receive my set of fins. Even more stoked to know I am surfing while helping the environment.
I have found these fins speedy and responsive. Hoping for a set of Quads in the future ??
I think we have a game-changer on our hands here as the surfing industry is slowly changing its attitude towards our oceans and the products we use.

Treehugger All Natural Surf Wax



Treehugger Surf Wax