The World's First Surfboard Fin
Made From Recycled Ocean Waste


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A Step Forward

We envisioned a product made of real rubbish which fulfills all the expectations of surfers everywhere in the world.

The Material


We collaborated with shapers, material and hydro-dynamics experts. And based on the expertise of our team of engineers, and designers we converted existing waste to a high performance fibre-reinforced composite: The Ocean Composite.

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“Actions Speak Louder Than Words”

Approximately 100 bottle caps go into one set of ecoFins! We are very proud of our transparent supply chain which includes rubbish from Bali’s beaches.

After the pre-sorting, it is sent to the recycling facilities in Java, where the recycled pellets are produced.

The material refinement takes place in Australia with the best composite specialists on the continent. Together with professional injection moulders, we transform our magic OceanComposite into the final product. All, made in Australia!​

Based on our Ocean Composite, the ecoFin offers ideal stiffness for all small to medium height waves and varied board types. We designed a solid flex in the base for controlled drive and a well responsive flex in the tip to accelerate your turns off the lip. And on top: the ecoFin is lighter than comparable fins on the market!

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The Recipe of the OceanComposite

Polypropylene, is one of the most common plastics dumped in our oceans. One more reason why we have chosen this material!

Currently half of the plastic contained in the ecoFin is recycled plastic. Our supplier provides recycled plastic, which is collected mainly from regions east bound of Java and which includes among others recycled ocean waste. Due to variations in the individual supplied thrash quantities, the share of the different origins in Indonesia and the percentage of ocean waste in the recycled plastic may vary. We are constantly working on an increase of its content and also on an increase of the percentage of the recycled plastic in general. In that context, we are currently evaluating opportunities to expand our supply chain, such as Sumbawa.

A modern moulding process ensures smooth and scalable fabrication with high accuracy on a professional level.

Going Local
Is The Way To Go!

For us it was very important to create an eco-product of highest quality and also work with Australian manufacturers.
Therefore, we chose to produce with renowned injection moulders, who understand and appreciate the story behind the ecoFin. We can proudly say, that compounding, moulding and pad printing are all done by our local partners.

We are Proud of our Transparent Supply Chain

This is just the beginning! Currently we collaborate with more local organisations and want to help them to build up more efficient waste management structures!

Existing recycling infrastructure is essential! Indonesia has a growing waste management network, but in many areas, it still is in very early stages.

And, the more we got into it, the more we recognised a major issue: The value chain of where the waste comes from and where it goes is often undefined! Therefore, we travelled through Bali and Java to track down every step of the waste and see the real history of our raw material. Learn more on our Blog

From Indonesia's Beaches
to the World