Fine feathers make fine birds – a story of a packet

This storyline is such a great example of how ideas evolve, that I can hardly hold it back. And why should I.


The Hatch

The imaginary light bulb halo-ing over your head. This can happen anytime, anywhere, in any situation. Sometimes I wonder, “where did this spark come from?” Often when you are brooding about a problem and nothing clicks. Suddenly, you let your thoughts wander around and the solution is right there.


The only reason can be inspiration and freedom. When you step back and allow your mind to look at the wider picture aka think out of the box, you are able to connect the dots in a new way.


This is why you should generally face daily life with your eyes wide open! (and is also a little excuse for chronic procrastination) Get inspired!


The Trap

But, get organised. Constantly, our brains are under a certain overflow, that I have to admit, “I can’t remember anything”. It is all there, our brain is actually pretty good in organising memories, but bad at labelling. This is why my desktop is scattered with screenshots. And when I am in a good mood, I actually manage to store them in Evernote – and one day, when I come to a task the light bulb appears and (it) rings a bell, and there is a way to find that little missing piece to the puzzle.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 11.20.16 AM
Screenshot of screenshots and a screenshot folder

This is how the story started with our ecoFin packaging. We collected ideas, listed requirements, found the right people to talk to.


And now, things are lined up and ready to go. Concept finished, all plastic free, just the artwork to be done. Anyone keen to help?


Luise, Co-Founder FiveOceans



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