For Profits Alone

           The unbridled growth of corporate superpowers threatens yet another wave. 




Kempinski Hotels’ International currently has 75 locations in 30 countries and more than 450 hotels in 61 countries that it is associated with. These locations range from Austria to Bali. They claim the goal of their group is to make “Kempinski a name synonymous with individual luxury” and together with the Ritz Carlton, an equally massive hotel conglomerate, heavy environmental changes with unpredictable consequences are occurring.

As these superpowers continue to expand their portfolios, destruction is in its wake. A wave break by the name of “The Nikko” is known by surfers internationally and has now been demolished by man-made jetties. These jetties were built merely so that the hotel guests could have safer swimming areas and were also built with permits, which are, to our knowledge, currently under investigation. Not only have these jetties made the break non-existent but were built on top of a previously flourishing reef and are affecting the coastlines natural ecosystem. Continually, these jetties force most locals out of these areas and endanger  the countries natural beauty for the benefit of  enhanced tourism.

This issue has been brought to people’s attention globally, because as more hotels slam the area with their construction, it is foreseen, that bigger and bigger jetties will have to be built in order to compete with the ones that came before it. This process has been seen time and time again in other development situations around the world and has gone on too long, while it is obvious who lines its own pockets most from tourists

Therefore, we want you to take a stand, educate others and help reverse the infiltration of massive corporations in Bali to help to save nature, our oceans, and our surf breaks.


We didn’t scare away from contacting the Kempinksi Communications department to give them the chance to explain their intentions and actions. After countless emails and calls, we’ve been fed with hopes over and over again. This went on since July 4th, 2016. We appreciate the replies we’ve received, however no statement or whatsoever has been made.

No answer, is an answer, too.


Kempinksi was not able to explain or justify their actions regarding the construction of a jetty at “The Nikko”. We need assume there is no interest in the surfing and environmental community. Is it because we are not the target audience? We think yes, because we interpret tourism not as self-interested, profit-oriented and unsustainable!  We, as ocean enthusiasts highly disregard this attitude.

People around the world are making an effort to take a stand against this injustice and help tear down the wall. If you want to take part in this initiative SIGN THE PETITION HERE.



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Author: Meghan Cooley/Luise Grossmann




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