International Coastal Cleanup Day

There is a day for everything in the year. Oh well, at least for 365 things!
September 19th is International Coastal Cleanup Day (ICC) and this year was the 30th anniversary.

The Ocean Conservancy is one of the major organisations behind this day dedicated to cleaner oceans. “Cleanups alone can’t solve this pollution problem. Nevertheless, the Ocean Trash Index provides a snapshot of what’s trashing our ocean so we can work to prevent specific items from reaching the water in the first place.”
In their comprehensive report the Ocean Trash Index provides in-depth data of what kind of waste is floating in our oceans and is washed ashore.

Clean ups were held literally all over the world, Cape Town, India, Trinidad&Tobago.. you name it.

Location for the ICC
Source: Ocean Conservancy

The top ten trash items are reflect our everyday lives and leave us with a bad aftertaste:
It is on us to act, and each and every one can make a difference.

Top Ten Trash – Source: Ocean Conservancy


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