Lego goes green

The Danish toy titan will go eco.

Lego produces 46 Billion plastic bricks per year, mainly from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, known as ABS. By 2030 the goal is to use mainly alternative materials from recycled or biomass resources. For this purpose the company will spend more the 150 Million USD on a Sustainable Materials Centre and recruit more than 100 material specialists.


A spokesman said the project is “dedicated to research, development and implementation of new, sustainable, raw materials” to make the bricks and other toy products, and packaging materials.”


Lego’s first attempts to find alternative plastics started in 2012. But to meet the high quality and safety requirements more research and development is necessary, “The testing and research we have already done has given us greater visibility of the challenges we face to succeed on this agenda and we respond by adding significant resources in order to be ready to move into the next phase of finding and implementing the sustainable materials.” says Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, CEO and President of the LEGO Group.


Whether it was due to the pressure from the public like the Greenpeace campaign against Lego’s partnership with Shell or the company’s ambitious environmental plan, with this investment in new and sustainable materials Lego stands as a great example for other global players.






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