Made in Australia, Mate!

Five Oceans is proud to launch a personal and genuine series about the exceptional local partners who are part of the process behind the ecoFin.

Meet our partners, learn about the many steps that have been completed to make the ecoFin become reality.

The ecoFin uses 100% Indonesian post-consumer waste to be transformed into a performance composite material, that provides the right stiffness und flex for the best surf experience, all done in Australia (it surfs globally though). Also, injection moulding, pad printing, and packaging are accomplished in Australia and we would like you to meet each partner, while they explain their involvement and motivation to help to bring the ecoFin to life.

Meet the Partners

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    ecoFin Thruster 1 for FCS I Fiji Surfing Association Collab

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    ecoFin Thruster 1 for Futures

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