Meet the Team: Blocky aka Ian



My story started with the ecoFin and FiveOceans when Ii first met Luise and Felix through a mutual friend instantly there was a connection we shared to nature and the ocean at first it was as friends and at a later date business. Before I knew it I was swept up with the concept of FiveOceans the whole idea of taking plastics from the ocean and turning it into something useful amazed me. So much, that the premiere of the documentary was proudly held in my cafe. By now I was well on the bandwagon not that Luise and Felix new it yet and I found myself driving from my home town in Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast and Byron Bay followed by many plane trips traveling around Australia to promote the Kickstarter campaign and documentary – which I enjoyed immensely.

As the progression of the fin moved forward and the kickstarter campaign was in its final weeks my excitement grew along with my passion for the task at hand. A big factor of why i am on board is i can never shake the vision of  Bede Durbidge getting barreled in Indo under a shade of rubbish.

Bede Durbidge’s iconic rubbish tube Photo: Noyle


As someone who always picks up rubbish especially when camping whether it be beach or bush I saw this  was my chance to make a difference in a major way. Also I volunteer for the local wildlife shelter on the Sunshine Coast and see first hand the distress our rubbish can cause our wildlife from minor injuries to death. Having a 3 year old son also contributed to my decision to put energy and time into this project of recycling ocean waste.


Seems like such a big task to take on and who am I to be able to make a difference. But having to tell my son when he is older that I had the opportunity to try and make a difference and I didn’t, wouldn’t be acceptable for me or fair on him. So now the question I ask myself is who do I think I am not trying to make a difference.




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