Meet the Team: Janine


My name is Janine, I write for the FiveOceans Blog and help out with other media and PR related tasks. I was born in Munich, Germany and came to Brisbane to study at the University of Queensland – mainly for the good weather. There I studied Journalism & Mass Communication with a minor in Archaeology (yes, I was trying to give my parents an aneurysm). Besides Archaeology I’ve also breached out into Criminology, International Relations, Music and Media Studies. I find pretty much anything interesting which is incidentally why I decided to study Communications, it allows me to explore a lot of different topics and talk to people from different paths of life. Shortly before I graduated I started working for FiveOceans, first as a translator, and then as a Science Journalism & PR intern. Currently I’m taking a year off to work before I will start a Master’s.


Writing about Environmental Issues and current developments in this area is by far my favorite task. It is an interesting topic to research and talk to people about, even though the amount of information can be overwhelming. There is an abundance of political processes, social engagements and scientific discoveries that take place (and are sometimes ignored) before any decision is made. I always go through the effort of getting the science behind pollution right as well. That means a lot of my time is taken by research more than writing.


Besides that I enjoy painting, crafting, sports (as long as they involve neither a ball nor a team – not sure what that says about me) and travelling.


Janine is author of “The issues of Seabed Mining” and many more articles.



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