We’ve been posting about the Race for Water expedition during its 100 day long journey – but now we feel it is about time to dive a little bit deeper.

The Raise for Water Foundation dedicates its charity activities to cleaner waters – in all senses. Learn, share, act in order to “preserve water, the most precious resource on the planet.” The foundation aims to bring the public and policy makers together to address two major issues: plastic pollution and fresh water.

Their research and field exploration set off from Bordeaux, France in March, 2015. By now they have reached the Hawaiian archipelago – after crossing the North Atlantic Gyres, a short stop over at the Azores Islands, sailing into NYC, and navigating through the Panama Canal. The next destination is the Mariana Islands. (They are doing a great job with their interactive map!)




twitterR4WOWhat sounds like a trip from 1000 Things-to-do before-you-die is rather a horror story from your worst pollution nightmares, “discovering dreadful amounts of meso and micro-waste”. The 17 crew members basically circumnavigate the world with a sieve and a sail in less than 300 days. They call is an “Odyssey for understanding” – which translates into questions like how bad is it? Can we still do something?


We watch their work with great attention and are excited to learn more about their findings. Keep the great work up, Ahoy!


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