Meet the team: Max – Director & Partner

Max Kadus Profile Picture

Addicted surfer

Born into a country where the mountains were closer than surfable waves, my first love was snowboarding. Spending every possible day on the hills and mountains in Europe, I always felt at home in nature. 

So how did this snowboarding kook end up in Australia you might be asking? 

Well, since the snow always didn’t stuck around for long, the yearning for flowy turns led me to surfing. I remember the first time seeing the Atlantic Ocean in France and being in complete awe of the waves. From then on, every holiday was a search for the next surf. After my first trip to Indonesia surfing won me over completely and since then everything has evolved around it.


Sick of plastic waste!

When you live this life hunting for waves you can’t help but notice all the trash in places you wished were pristine. It made me feel sick experiencing all this pollution in Bali, Sri Lanka and Morocco. Seeing this also made me feel responsible, so I wondered if there were ways to maintain an active surf lifestyle and reducing the negative impact it has on our environment.


Work with a purpose is no work!

While researching for a project of my own, I encountered Five Oceans, liked it and said “Hi” to Luise and Felix. 

Five Oceans to me means looking for solutions to deeply rooted problems. We aim to develop products that make sense.  No non-sense gimmicks, but sustainable innovations, because the goal is clean oceans and recycling is just one link in the chain. That means that we will do everything that leads to less plastic swimming in our oceans. 

“Dreams don’t come true, decisions do!”, I thought to myself and decided to invest in Five Oceans and the development of this exciting project. I packed up my few belongings and moved to Byron (Shoot me a message if you’re keen for a beer!). There I will push new ideas, educate about the use of plastics, show alternatives and help alleviate the problems – maybe also surf a bit (yew). Here’s to a future with cleaner oceans. Let’s do this!


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