When you do what you love and help along the way


Our recent trip to Indonesia saw good spirits come together and great projects came to life.

img_6484Only two days after the first meeting with Indosole and Project Purpose we found ourselves geared up, travelling towards Lombok, with rubbish bags in our luggage. It was a snap decision to join a unique project to help our oceans and the local community.

We were on a mission to surf, but more importantly we were going off the tourist trail to visit a rural community. Five Oceans joined Project Purpose to run a beach clean up with the local school and teach them about the value of rubbish.

We wanted to convey a simple message: rubbish is useless in our oceans or our rivers – but recycled right it can be transformed into amazing and useful products.

The children’s eyes were doubtful, but after showing them the ecoFin, as well as the Indosole recycled sandals it all made sense. And off they rushed to fill their bags with as much trash as they could carry.

Besides the clean up and education component, Project Purpose successfully installed water filters for the local well which provides enough drinking water for 200 people for 2 years.

We’re so grateful to have had the last minute opportunity to jump on board this incredible project. A huge thanks to Dane Rusty and Project Purpose!

Watch the video to get a glimpse into this unique experience.

We can’t wait to get on the next trip!


PS: The swell was doing a great job, too.

Michael Rommelse doing what he loves…

What is Project Purpose?

Originally started in Wollongong as a fundraiser for Waves for Water, Project Purpose gained so much support from the local community that it expanded into its own initiative to share the Waves for Water mission.

Based on the Waves for Water mission: Do what you love and help along the way, Project Purpose is a collaboration of like-minded businesses, individuals and organisations to educate, donate and share their messages through their different networks. The key goal is to bring clean water and education to communities where we travel to for surf and leisure.

The pilot project in Lombok was a collaborative journey to a remote school of 100 children. A central drinking water station was installed for the community and education programs promoted clean water and reducing plastic bottle waste. The journey was documented by film to share this message and mission with more people around the world, in particular surfers that frequent these areas.


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