White Waves Documentary – Surfers Against Pollution

When you follow what is going on in the ocean-lover-activist-surfer world you probably came across a beautiful project called White Waves.

It is a documentary about the personal stories of surfers and their passionate endeavours to save our oceans – each one in their own way.

We met Inka, the initiator and director, to ask her about the impulses, inspirations, dreams, and hopes of the project.




Tell us how it all started and how you experienced the urge to realise a project about surfers and ocean pollution?

InkaI am a science journalist with a strong personal connection to the water, not only through my love for surfing but also my environmental background. During my work and life in Spain and travelling around Europe I came across so many great personalities, who chose to spring into action for various reasons. The stories cannot be more different, however what unites all of them is the close and often shocking experience of unseen pollution and their love for the ocean. Personalities from all across Europe share their vision of pollution that is only observed by those who sometimes spend more time in the water than on land (at least in their hearts). Fascinated by their passion I wanted to spread these stories through the documentary but also develop a growing platform – because the stories evolve and new inspiring projects arise.


Have your experiences changed your own point of view along the way?

Sometimes I thought “you should stop here – you don’t want to know more”. Often because the observations unveiled inconvenient truths with many complex interrelations. It is not easy to point out the guilty one – this is also the motivation to showcase solutions and proactive initiatives, working together with the industry instead of fighting it. What we always noticed is the importance of knowledge. Often the involved parties wouldn’t even know about their own impact. Once they are aware a process of change can begin. For example Oscar, one of our protagonists, initiated the project Coge Tres and dedicates his time to go into schools to educate the youth about ocean pollution. It was quite a bit like “The more you know – the more you see”.


carlos filming


What is the goal of White Waves?

First of all we want to raise awareness especially regarding the hidden or unseen pollution under the surface. Secondly, we want to share stories of positive action, solutions and hope in order to inspire more movements and initiatives. We are also driven by the beauty of the stories – documenting and sharing those unique portraits about extraordinary courage and deep love for the oceans.


What is your wish for the future?

That is a difficult questions – although I have asked it to our protagonist so many times.

If I had one wish for our project WHITE WAVES it would be to alert more people and inspire them to contribute – in which way ever, and that more solutions will be created with the example of our protagonists.


How can people help get involved?

To this date we financed the project on our own. But to finish the documentary we need some support, so we started a crowdfunding campaign that runs until mid July. Every small contribution counts. Our campaign offers various rewards for every taste and budget. Spread the word, share the campaign, convince your neighbour!

But we are also interested in more inspiring stories. For the moment our focus in on Europe but we are always happy to look over the edge.




The title White Waves is inspired by the colour white in the sense of clean – and that we all want to surf white waves again!



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