Hoooraaayyy – World Recycling Day!

Did you get a reminder today? It’s World Recycling Day today! YAY!

Whatever this means to you, – we’d like to celebrate this special day with a little smorgasbord of epic recycling projects from various fields.


… is a dirty business. Rampant fast fashion corporations are dominating a crowded market where no one seems to be willing to pay a price what clothes are actually costing. In saying this there are amazing initiatives from small and big brands that brighten up our future thinking.

Source: Levi's
Source: Levi’s

Levi’s cotton waste jeans are made of 5 old T-shirts – Wo doesn’t have dozens of them in the back of the drawer? Extra points go to the textile manufacturing partner Evrnu for their process that uses 98% less water.

Not fashion but textile. We have been utterly impressed by Emirates’ seriousness about their sustainability efforts. The new blankets are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles (certified!!) and we are seeing an urge towards plastic reduced lines of serviceware, too.

Source: Emirates
Source: Emirates


Source: Coraball
Source: Coraball

Side note: With all Polyester fibres spun from PET bottles it is important to look at the externalities such as leakage of microfibers into the water system. It is a ubiquitous thread, we are all possessing synthetic fibre clothing and are all washing. Have you heard of the Coraball which is tackling exactly that? We are glad their recent Kickstarter campaign kicked goals. As so often, this is not a 100% solution, however, a step in the right direction.



From our favourite waste paradise, Indonesia, we’ve heard of this amazing initiative. XS Project had been founded long before heard of the trash gyres or paddled through rubbish during our surf sessions. They are transforming (unrecyclable) trash into consumer goods, such as reusable bags, pouches, or tablet sleeves. This being already an outstanding initiative, they also provide education and social services to trash pickers and their families.

Source: XS Project
Source: XS Project


The land of smart design has come up with several remarkable projects.

Waarmakers (Waar means true. So, true-makers) came up with this lamp which is both packaging and stylish lighting object. Furthermore, you’ve probably come across Precious Plastics, which provides DIY technology for DIY recycling. This is extremely helpful in low-tech and low-infrastructure areas, those who suffer often most from waste pollution.

Source: Precious Plastics
Source: Precious Plastics

Last but not least, Plastic to Fuel –  We all know that plastics are made of petroleum. Lucky us that the reverse process is actually not that difficult or sophisticated at all.


The solutions are, as so often, manifold. Recycling is a great part of it, however, it is time for holistic design approaches. For instance, we should focus on finding plant-based materials that can substitute plastics more and more, such as the pineapple-leather or packaging from Avani. Following the circular economy approach, using bio-degradable materials is nothing new. Nature has done this since a long, long time. Someone’s waste is the other one’s food. In a circular system, there is no waste, because this is simply not efficient nor sustainable.

Recycling, re-using, or re-manufacturing products are the best alternatives we have to landfill or shooting our waste to the moon.  (No joke. People are considering that)

Let’s be smarter in the future and make things that use recycled materials, last longer, can be repurposed easily, or be composted back to the soil.




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